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Someone took a candid photo of a fight in Ukranian Parliament that is as well-composed as the best renaissance art.

I can’t stop looking at it…? Such a nice composition… 


me whenever i drink something from a wine glass


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but why are french people so rude!!" you ask


it’s because our national symbol is a cock


so we can’t help being dicks

this is my post with the most notes and it’s a dick joke

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No place like home!
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Have you seen Blackfish? Curious about orcas in captivity? Want to know more about how it affects them? Here is a comprehensive list of the bulk of the issues, from both pro-captivity and anti-captivity perspectives, to satisfy your thirst for knowledge about this controversial issue:
General Overview of Orcas in Captivity:
What IS so Bad About SeaWorld?
Killer Controversy: Why Orcas Should No Longer be Kept in Captivity 
Killer Whales Don’t Belong in Captivity—and Here’s Why
The Case Against Killer Whale Captivity
Blackfish: How Captivity Affects Killer Whales
Killer Whales Should Not be Held Captive
The Debate: Anti-Captivity Views
Blackfish Director: Killer Whales Don’t Belong in Captivity
Captures of Wild Orcas
The Penn Cove Orca Captures
Rounding Up Shamu with Don Goldsberry
Orca Stories—Penn Cove—Don Goldsberry of SeaWorld Inc.
The Heartbreaking Real-Life Capture of Orcas
North Eastern Pacific Captures
North Western Pacific Captures
Icelandic Captures
Impact of the Captures Between 1962 and 1973 on the Southern Resident Killer Whale Community
Orca Pod Destroyed in Japan
Russian Orca Capture 2003
Russian Orca Captures: The Inside Story
Two Orcas Taken in Illegal Capture in Russia
Corky Hears Her Family
Heath Problems/Injuries/Unnatural Deaths in Captivity
The Hidden Cost of Captivity: Orca Health of Killer Whales Exposed
Dorsal Fin Collapse in Killer Whales Explained
Winnie the Orca Ingests Coins, Tiles, and Other Objects 
Kotar’s Skull Crushed by Gate
Captive Orcas and Mosquitoes 
Killer Whale Captivity: Is Shamu Stressed?
SeaWorld Orca Missing Huge Chunk of Chin
What’s Eating Keet, SeaWorld’s Captive Killer Whale?
SeaWorld’s Killer Whales Doped Up on Valium to Deal With Captive Life
Keto and Tilikum Express the Stress of Orca Captivity
Wild Orca vs Captive Orca Lifespans
Life Expectancy of Orcas in Captivity
Survival Rates in Captivity
How Long Do Orcas Live?
Everything Wrong With SeaWorld’s Claims About Orca Lifespan
SeaWorld Talks Killer Whale Life Expectancy and Fails Miserably
103-Year-Old Killer Whale Roaming the Canadian Coast
The Truth About Wild Orca Lifespans
NOAA Statement on Wild Orca Lifespan
Do Killer Whales Live Longer in a SeaWorld Tank or the Ocean?
Stereotypical/Abnormal Behaviors in Captivity
When the Orcas Aren’t Performing
Keet Blowing Bubbles
Keet Blowing Bubbles Part II
Kalia Lies Motionlessly On Slideout
Tilikum Floats at Surface with Mouth Hanging Open
Kamogawa Sea World Orcas Throw Themselves on Slideouts
Ulises Floats Motionlessly
Ikaika Lying on Bottom of Tank
Corky in a Comatose State
Gifs and Videos of Abnormal and Stereotypical Behaviors
Statements from Wild Orca Scientists
Kenneth Balcomb on Captivity
Eva Saulitis on Captivity
Dr. Ingrid Visser Speaks on Orcas in Captivity
Orca Expert (Paul Spong) Provides Insight
Ken Balcomb and Lolita (end of video)
Info/Statements from Ex-Trainers
Ex-SeaWorld Trainers Speak Out Against Captivity
Kim Ashdown, Former Trainer
Blowing the Whistle—Ex-SeaWorld Orca Trainers Speak Out
Jeff Ventre, Former Trainer
Former Trainer Says Killer Whale Captivity Causes Attacks
Samantha Berg, Former Trainer
Blackfish Backlash: Former SeaWorld Trainer Carol Ray Speaks with Latin Times About Movement Started by Controversial Film
Exclusive Interview: Former SeaWorld Trainer John Jett PhD Talks Tilikum
Captive Orca Attacks and the Deaths of Trainers
List of Attacks in Captivity
The Debate: Dangers to Trainers
Kasatka Attacks and Nearly Drowns Ken Peters [Video]
Brian Rokeach Bitten and Held Underwater By Orkid [Video]
Kyuquot Attacks Steve Aibel *note: video is incorrectly labled as Dawn Brancheau*
Original Shamu Attacks Annette Eckis [Video]
Attack at Marineland France [Video]
Orca Lunges at Trainer at Japanese Aquarium [Video]
Orkid and Splash Attack Trainer Tamaree and Break Her Arm [Video]
Lolita Snaps at Guests [Video]
Killer in the Pool (comprehensive report of the deaths of Keltie Byrne, Dawn Brancheau, and Daniel Dukes)
Blood in the Water (Death of Alexis Martinez)
Aggression Between Captive Orcas
The Death of Kandu 5
Killer Whale Bled to Death After Breaking Jaw in Fight
Do Orcas at Marine Parks Injure One Another?
Trials of Tekoa
Strikes, Bites and Blood: The Graphic Case for Releasing Morgan, the Wild-Born Orca, From Captivity
Gudrun Attempts to Drown Daughter Nyar
Shamu Cam Aggression [Video]
Kalia Raking Ulises
The Issue of Lolita the Orca
A Day in the Life of Lolita, the Performing Orca
Lolita’s Life Before Capture
Lolita’s Capture
Lolita Today
Lolita: Slave to Entertainment
Liberating Lolita
From Washington State to Miami, Florida: Lolita’s Story
Lolita the Orca—Caught, Bought, and Betrayed by the Hertz Family
Is There Hope for Lolita, the World’s Loneliest Orca?
Lolita the Orca: Facts, Legal Issues, and How to Get Her Home
Lolita’s Retirement Plan
Kiska, Canada’s Loneliest Whale
Marineland Conditions for Killer Whale Still Substandard
Marineland: Killer Whale Bleeding for Months, Trainer Says
The Life of Kiska
Marineland In Depth: Kiska Suffers at Marineland
Free Kiska: The Loneliest Killer Whale in the World
It’s Time to Relocate Kiska, the “World’s Loneliest Orca”
Marineland Killer Whale is Ill
Argentina’s Only Captive Orca: Kshamenk
Sam Simon Says Kshamenk is ‘Most Abused Orca in the World’
Kshamenk History
Kshamenk Needs Humans to Help Him, Not Exploit Him
Free Kshamenk
Kshamenk—Not What We Thought, Something Bigger
Legal Battles Involving Orca Captivity
SeaWorld vs OSHA
Court Denies SeaWorld Appeal of OSHA Citations
Here’s All the Places Around the World That Ban Orca Captivity
NY “Blackfish” Bill to Ban Orca Captive Orcas Approved by Senate Committee
"Blackfish" Inspires California Orca Bill
California Bill Would Ban SeaWorld Orca Shows
Bill to Ban Captive Orcas Put on Hold in California
(Please note: I do not agree with nor endorse any of the articles below, but I included both sides of the argument for the sake of fairness. In addition, I know this list is small, but please understand that it is extraordinarily difficult to find orca-specific articles from a pro-captivity point of view that actually focus on orcas alone. If you know of any more articles, please message me and I will gladly include them on this list.)
Statements from SeaWorld
Truth About Blackfish
Health and Daily Care
Research Publications at SeaWorld
Social Structure
69 Reasons You Shouldn’t Believe Blackfish
SeaWorld Responds to Questions About Captive Orcas
Pro-Captivity Articles/Vidoes
Pro-Captivity Views
A Stronger Case for SeaWorld
Zoologist Explains Benefits of Orca Captivity
SeaWorld Expanding Killer Whale Tanks
Interview with Mark Simmons, Former Trainer
Former Trainer Responds to Blackfish
Should Killer Whales be Kept in Captivity?
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You’d know something about that wouldn’t you HANNAH MONTANNA
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Wingardium leviorca

I have seen this happen and let me assure you it is as terrifying as it is amazing. This is a male orca and he could be well over twelve tHOUSAND pounds. And he’s just leaping entirely out of the water like, "maybe if I try hard enough I can be an AIRPLANE…"
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